Sometimes a few changes in our living room can make it more appealing and inviting. After all, change is a constant thing in our life, so why should we make our living room stagnant? A very simple change such as a different arrangement of the furniture or the inclusion of a table lamp can bring about a new kind of appeal to the room. Here are certain simple yet effective secrets to making your living room more lively, appealing and inviting.

Using an attractive paint color

To make the living room appealing, select colors which are neutral as well as warm. You may make use of faux to render a unique texture. Moreover, select colors that fit well with the entire getup of the room and do not leave room for any mismatch. Look for colors that are bright.

Select furniture properly

Your furniture contributes a lot in creating the appeal of the living room. Hence, select the furniture type that will impart an exciting look to your living room. A great idea would be to use upholstered pieces that have similar fabric and color. Also make sure to opt for the right sizes. In case your living room is a small one, do not try to fit in oversized furniture because that would look odd. Again, if the space is very big, your furniture should not be excessively small. If you feel that you need to rearrange pieces of furniture now and then, the best thing is to go for wheeled furniture.

Keep an open space

Your living room would do well with an open space. If the room allows adequate space, you can create a central island arrangement to place your furniture. For a better look, place a sculpture or a tall plant in the corner. For a more efficient traffic flow, a convenient open space is the best option. With an open space the room would also give a lighter feeling.

Arrange furniture properly

Keep in mind the space requirement when arranging the furniture. The shape of your living room might be triangle, octagon, square or rectangle. Irrespective of the shape, simply ensure good traffic through proper placement of furniture. For instance, you may try out placing your sofa in a diagonal position. Also, it would be great, if, while making the arrangement, you can experiment with different angles.

Make use of dramatic lighting

Modern interior design of living room (3d Render)

It is vital to appropriately light up your living room. If you wish to highlight certain areas, you may opt for track lighting and other such overhead spots. Also, you can go for recessed lighting or pin lights. Moreover, you can also try out placing a table lamp and some floor lamps which not only light up the space but also act as added decoration. Placing any sources of light close to the television is not a very good idea because the television itself emits light.

Opt for a huge window

If your living room has a huge window, it will allow considerable amount of natural light to come inside. This is a great benefit as during the daytime, it will provide you with adequate light. In order to keep the window covered during the nighttime, make use of curtains or blinds.

Try out different shapes

Whatever be the objects you keep inside the living room, shapes are of great significance. Usually in case of stuff like rugs, windows and sofas, rectangles are used. But you can always balance that through making use of various other shapes for certain items such as an oval coffee table or round throw pillows.

Create a wall with a bold accent

An accent wall goes a long way in adding a dramatic touch to the living room. Try out some experimentation with the color of the accent wall till it matches the color of the rest of the living room. If for your living room, you have made use of cool tones, the accent wall can be something from bright teal to green. Again, if the living room comprises warm colors, the accent wall can be orange or yellow. For a contemporary appearance you can incorporate calming dark gray, orange or red and if you are game for a more conventional look, then brown tones, green tones or burgundy would be fine.

Select an artistic centerpiece

A centerpiece would be a great option for the shelf or table in your living room. If you wish to, you may rope in fresh flowers. Also, go for a unique vase to enhance the artistic appeal. Besides fresh flowers, interesting centerpieces can also be included, since they impart accent and beauty.

Take care of the details

In order to give your living room some extra edge, you can include things like moldings, ceiling details, window casings or baseboards. Certain accessories such as sculptures, vases, paintings and plants can also beautify the living room. But make sure that you do not incorporate these things excessively, because that will make the room look congested and crowded.

The end tables or the corners can do with some pottery. Again, some curio collections, rugs, carpets, flowers or throw pillows can also add some extra zeal.

Keep the television concealed

I know that for some of you, the television is the center of attraction of the living room. But it would be better if you can cover up the television within a cabinet, if it is not a flat-panel, sleek one. Also, I would suggest that you use a dimmer switch for having a home theatre effect.