Yes, you can certainly make some eco-friendly arrangements in your home and pave your way towards a healthier life. And not only that, with so much concerns being voiced about environmental damage, you can as well do your part to join the crusade against global warming and other ecological concerns. Here are some simple tips which when followed regularly can help you contribute considerably to the wellness of your home as well as the environment.

Check out your household cleaners

If you still do not have green cleaners at your home, it is high time you switch to these cleaners. Green cleaners bring down the level of air pollution both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, by using such eco-friendly cleaners, you reduce your exposure to allergic elements that can cause ailments like asthma, and also chemicals that are detrimental for your health. When you are purchasing cleaners, look for products that are plant-based and select companies which display the comprehensive ingredient list on their labels.

Turn off the lights

Although this is a seemingly simple habit, you will admit that many of us often forget to do this simple thing. Turning off the lights when they are not in use indeed helps a lot in energy conservation (just think of the energy that can be conserved if all households follow this good habit!).

In case you are forgetful, a great alternative would be to set up light sensors which will ensure that the lights get activated only when required. Another option is to synchronize the lights with automatic timers which will help you solve the problem of lights left flashing in rooms that are empty.

Opt for appropriate insulation

If you incorporate insulation to put a check on leaky ducts, doors, windows and walls, the energy consumption can be reduced by around 25%. In case you have a budget constraint in completely revamping the insulation system, you may purchase thermal shades which are quite effective in retaining the heat during the winter season and protecting against the sun during the summer months. Also, it would not be a bad idea to consider draft guards for the outside doors.

Choose products that are free from fragrance

A number of traditional fragrances are available in the marketplace, many of which are our favorites. But to tell you the truth, these fragrances often contain chemicals that can lead to disruption of the hormone system. Moreover, these fragrances can cause damage to the ecosystem when they go down the drains. So, you must try to select products that do not have any fragrances. If at all you cannot do without perfumed cleaning products or soaps, buy those that comprise essential oils. Read the labels very carefully before purchase.

Bring down the use of pesticides 

The best way to control pests is to prevent them from coming in. Hence, after you have used your kitchen for the day’s work, make sure that no crumbs are left. Also, if there are any cracks within the foundation or any holes within the walls, seal them properly. Then you would not need to make use of harmful chemicals to eliminate pets. In case you have to opt for pest control, first and foremost, you should look for greener options or try out home remedies.

Make an efficient use of appliances

Before you turn on the dishwasher, dryer or washing machine, it is advisable to wait for full load. After each dryer load, make sure to clean the lint filter, and whenever the weather is convenient, air-dry your clothes. Also, make use of the air-dry system that your dishwasher has. Moreover, you need not always preheat your oven while preparing any dish, but do it only if it is absolutely necessary.

Grow indoor plants

Do you know that living plants surrounding your house or within your house effectively function as natural air filters? In fact there are some specific plants like rubber plants, Boston ferns, palm trees and spider plants, which are powerful enough to absorb the dangerous pollutants emitted from electronic equipments, furniture or carpets. Grow these plants within your house and go green by purifying the indoor air.

indoor plants

Use safe pans and pots

The cooking materials have a considerable effect on the prepared food. The safest materials for cooking are stainless steel, enamel coated cast iron or simply cast iron. Although you might find it more convenient to use non-stick pans, remember that they can lead to health issues if the coating is scraped and the same mixes with the food.