All of us have some hobby or the other. Our hobbies gradually help fuel our passions. Most of us do not consider hobbies as productive, until and unless we can turn it into our profession or say, a second job. But there are certain hobbies, like writing, reading, gardening and more which can immensely contribute to increasing our productivity.

You must have some hobby or the other that relaxes you in your spare time. Are you looking forward to try out a new hobby that can make you more productive? Then read on. If you already have any one or more of these hobbies, then it’s great going. And if not, then there is always time to try out something new!


Oh, how I love writing! And that’s one of the main reasons I am here today pouring out my heart to my readers. Yes, writing is actually one of the best productive hobbies that you can indulge in whenever you have spare time. Undoubtedly, writing is one of the most powerful tools for expressing yourself. Moreover, if you are passionate about writing, you can focus your energies towards something that helps you bring forth your desires, dreams and thoughts on paper.

Write anything that you feel like- diary entries, radio scripts, plays, articles- and unleash the creative being in you. You will be surprised to see a considerable rise in your productivity. And not only that, your mental health is also enhanced through writing.


Now who does not know about the immense benefits of yoga? Yoga is certainly a very productive hobby and if you can spare at least some time for this hobby, it can do wonders for you. As you practice yoga, you shut off all the external thoughts and your entire concentration is channelized into the bodily practice.

Woman relaxing in the nature on sunset

You strongly concentrate on raising your physical fitness level, along with your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This goes a long way in making you more productive and capable of accepting physical challenges.


Well, I admit that painting might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, you may feel that it is not quite productive. However, if you can take up painting as a hobby, it will gift you with some wonderful perspectives about life, by letting loose your creativity. Through painting you can bring out your feelings, desires and thoughts that are locked into your head, in the form of something physical (somewhat similar to writing).

Painting may even create an inner urge in you to become increasingly productive in the workplace. So, simply go ahead and try out expressing your feelings with the paintbrush.


This is one of my favorite hobbies and I loved reading since my kindergarten days. It is also a very popular pastime across the globe. Reading contributes a lot in increasing productivity, and moreover, you can easily go for it when you have nothing to do.

Again let me tell you something else. If you read studies and research regarding productivity, you will be able to learn fresh patterns, behaviors and habits, which will in turn help you in more effective time management. In other words, you can boost your productivity by reading and gaining knowledge on how to enhance your productivity.


Although I am not very much into hiking, my husband is a great fan of this pastime. But I can surely say I experience a new and fresh feeling whenever I accompany my husband for weekend hiking trips. If you have a passion for natural beauty, you will surely enjoy hiking. Now you might ask- what role does hiking play in increasing productivity? Well, through hiking, you can free the mind from all worries and concentrate more on the present. Moreover, hiking is enough exercising for your body for increasing stamina and physical fitness.


Whether you believe it or not, cooking is a wonderful hobby for enhancing productivity. I am of the opinion that everyone should try out cooking, at least for a very small period of time. Do you know that cooking drives you to remain in the moment and enjoy it, as all your concentration lies on the product and processes you are dealing with. Moreover, cooking also makes you plan for the next steps.

Another thing about cooking is that the more you practice it, the better you will get. So, you are becoming more productive that you ever thought of!


Perhaps there is nothing more relaxing than spending some moments in the garden. Apart from being a relaxing and pleasant pastime, gardening is also a wonderful means for productivity boosting. Ask me how, and I would love to tell you that gardening helps you unwind and relax, making you powerful enough to face future challenges. Through the management of plants, gardening in a subtle way shows you how to manage various projects simultaneously.


Besides being a very healthy exercise, swimming is highly strengthening and relaxing. Moreover, swimming fills your mind with positive thoughts and actions, and in doing so, clears worries from your mind, making you more productive in the process. You also feel greatly energized after a swimming session. So, get ready to rush to your local pool, because through swimming, you also derive a number of psychological and physiological health benefits.

Playing Poker

This extremely mind-stretching and challenging card game makes you more strategic and logical. As your mind becomes ready to make significant decisions, you become more focused on fulfilling the vital goals in your workplace as well as at home. This pack of cards is worth trying if you want to be more productive.