Just because your child is quiet does not mean that he is bad. As a parent you must give your introvert child the proper tools to fight the challenges that he would have to face in this noisy world. Here is a brief guide on how you can lead your introvert child towards success.

Value your child

As a parent, you should not only accept your kid for who he or she is, but treasure your child as a precious gift. Remember that as long as introvert children are in a comfortable ambience, they will behave very thoughtfully and kindly, and can be quite interesting as company.

Take gradual steps but don’t stop

If your child is very shy and always runs away from meeting new people or doing new things, do not be discouraged. Instead, ensure that he is gradually exposed to new experiences. Do not allow your child to shy away, and at the same time give due respect to his boundaries. In case you find your kid taking small risks (how trivial they might be), do appreciate it. You may say something like, “I saw you speaking to the neighborhood kids in the morning. That is really good. Keep it up!” Such small acts of appreciation on your part will enable your child to come out of his shell.

introvert kid

Do not highlight shyness

I mean to say that you should never ever label your child as being shy even if he is so. Then he will experience more nervousness which will ultimately become a trait rather than an emotion that can be kept under control. You should be aware that your child knows that being called shy by the society at large is a criticism. So, whenever you find that somebody is openly telling that your child is shy, it is your duty as a parent to take charge of the situation by saying something like, “Well, he takes some time to understand the situation and the people”.

Avoid any kind of projection

You might be an introvert. But that does not mean that you dig up your own history when bringing up your child. Your introversion as a child may have brought you a lot of pain, but that does not mean that your child will face the same thing.

It would be very bad to underestimate your kid; you should not think that your child is incapable of facing the occasional negative comments. Just have confidence in your little one- he will definitely handle it and will survive. It is advisable to take pride in his positive qualities and bear the confidence that those traits would help him move ahead in life. Your child would surely be able to learn the requisite skills for facing future challenges.

Nourish your orchid

Do you know who is an orchid child? Let me explain it to you. A child who is excessively sensitive to new situations, emotional experiences, sounds or lights, is known as an orchid child. This is actually a scientific word based on a theory that is under research. According to the theory, while some kids reveal characteristics of dandelions, which can adjust to any environment, some others behave like orchids. The main thing about orchids is that they easily wither, but when they find the proper nurturing environment, they can be more efficient than dandelions. It may be hard to believe but more often than not, orchid children exhibit better health, enjoy stronger bonds with their fellow mates and bring better grades.

Develop passions

Kids who are introvert are often passionate about particular things. So, if your child is an introvert, you must fuel his enthusiasms and nurture them. If your kid is deeply engaged in a specific activity, he will be extremely happy in pursuing it. Moreover, you must know that properly nurturing a talent paves the road to confidence.

You might try out conventional engagements like piano or soccer and see if they work out for your kid. But it might as well be good to go for something a bit out of the box. For instance, my neighbor’s kid was very introvert in nature. But when his talent in creative writing was recognized and nurtured, it really opened a new route to his success.